Silent Samaritan Program

Who Are The Silent Samaritans?

Silent Samaritans are an exclusive group of Mohawk Valley women dedicated to sharing their strength for the benefit of other women in our community.

As a Silent Samaritan, you will benefit other women of the Mohawk Valley in several ways:

  • Your membership fee will go directly into the Silent Samaritan Fund, which is used only to help women who cannot pay the full cost of the counseling they need.
  • You may choose to become part of a core group of Silent Samaritans who organize educational and support seminars throughout the year aimed toward helping women overcome obstacles to success such as depression, single parenthood, life transitions, and health management.

Why Are They “Silent?”

The Silent Samaritans recognize that some women prefer to remain anonymous in their ability to help other women. The names of our Silent Samaritans are not published or released in any way because sometimes recognition is not preferred. Of course, if you choose to become active in planning events, you will certainly become known amongst other Samaritan Counseling supporters.

Why Are The Silent Samaritans Needed?

  • Over 60% of those who seek counseling are women
  • More women than men report having depression • Women are especially vulnerable financially in situations of divorce or single parenthood
  • Women are more likely than men to be victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse

As A Silent Samaritan You Will Receive:

  • Samaritan Counseling Center’s Fall and Spring Newsletters
  • Invitations to attend various educational and support seminars throughout the year—for Women, by Women